Wednesday, July 26, 2006

My New Instruments

Hi, Folks,

A couple of months ago I returned from France with a small inheritance. I used most of it to lighten my debt load, and squandered the rest on musical instruments and such. I bought a Roland MP 60 piano, an Edirol UA 4-FX Recording interface, (which I still can't get to work with my computer,) and these two folk instruments: an Ome Juniper openback banjo, and a Walnut Creek mountain dulcimer:

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I took a little ride to Bar Harbor, Maine, to try out the Walnut Creek dulcimers at:

Song of the Sea - Folk Instruments and More

The folks there are very nice, and have a great array of folk instruments at reasonable prices.

I bought my Ome banjo online at:

John there is also very nice. Anybody who sells banjos and unicycles can't be all bad.

Here are a couple of tunes I laid down quickly to give everyone a chance to hear these wonderful instruments, (albeit clumsily played):

The Cruel War / How Can I Keep from Singing

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Shady Grove / Pretty Polly

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