Sunday, August 16, 2009

House Concert with Amy Dixon-Kolar

Last night we were delighted to attend a house concert featuring Amy Dixon-Kolar at the home of Mary and Randy Charles in Kennebunk, Maine.

Though I have known Amy through the music site for a couple years, this was the first time I met her in person. It was more like seeing an old friend after a long time. Hugs and onversation came easily.

Tony Provencher and Amy Dixon-Kolar

Amy's concert was a delight. Not only does she have an exceptional voice, but her musicianship is outstanding. Each song is a complete arrangement, as her guitar provides bassline, harmony, counterpoint, and call-and-response to her stirring vocals. She is expert at modulating volume and attack to give her music even more expresson and variety.

Amy started her set with Now it's Time, a song to which I personally relate:

The music never died
It was just buried alive
But now it's time for a resurrection
Now it's time

Next came Morning Quiet, a haunting gem that is a personal favourite.

Amy proceeded to delight us with a selection of widely varied offerings, including some blues, traditional songs, and covers, as well as her own superbly crafted originals. She ended her first set with her anthem to change and hope, Rosa Sat. In the tradition of Pete Seeger, she taught us the song and had us all singing along - a moving moment indeed!

Amy's concert was a real treat, as she demonstrated not only superb musicianship but also a great stage presence and a fine feel for entertaining her audience. We are blessed to have had her come to our area.

After the concert we had a little more conversation and hugs and posed for pictures. It was great to see my old friend!

Thank you, Amy, and thank you Mary and Randy.

Friday, August 14, 2009

ezFolk: An interview with Tony Provencher 8.14.09

Yours truly is the subject of this week's artist interview by Holley Hall on :)

ezFolk: An interview with Tony Provencher 8.14.09
Free MP3 and video hosting for folk and acoustic artists.

Thank you, Holley.